All photography provided by Kyle Austin

In all honesty, how do you see yourself when you look in the mirror?  Do you see something beautiful?  Something full of light and joy?  Well it's in you alright, you just can't see it yet.

Our Mission

"Our" meaning my.  See a lot of people will try to run this world their way, so let them. The reason I say this is because, what would it be like if nobody else ran the world? Just you? Well if your answer was, "There wouldn't be much of a world." Then you were 100% correct.  Why? Because the world is for everyone, and for everyone to make it. If that's gone, then so is humanity.

"If the world didn’t change for everyone else’s sake, it’d be changing for yours. You want everyone to ask only YOU what’s wrong. But if that’s what happened, where’s the humanity this world was made for?"

-Happy :), written by, Kyle Austin

I’m not here to make a change. I’m here to make you realize you are the change you’ve been waiting to see.

”We love earth, but sadly, not enough to keep it the way we wish it was.”
— Happy :), written by, Kyle Austin.

A Few things to consider.

  • "What happened to me?" That's your choice right there.  You make the excuses, you make the reasons, you make the sadness.
  • Ask yourself one simple question.  "Who am I."
  • What do I want?  Well I'd like a world reset button please.
  • "I want this world to be perfect." ...It is.
  • "I looked at the grey smoggy clouds that trapped the city overhead, and thought, “What a beautiful day.” Because you are the thing that decides what a beautiful day looks like. You’ve been raised to believe, that the only bright days are the good ones. When really some of the brightest days, are the ones that seem dark. We just label them as a “Bad day.” Now we can never see a cloudy day as something beautiful."