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Being happy isn't just the "State in which you're happy." It's much more than that.  BEing happy isn't about what the world does for you, but about what you give it.

First look at "happy:)"

(These are some of my favorite parts of my book "Happy:) )

Yesterday, Dec 26 2016 @2:04am

The lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers out there, hardly any compare to its beauty. But it grows in a swamp, and only a swamp. Nowhere else can it grow, think about that.


Today, Jan 21 2017 @7:22pm

If your only and one, was your one and only, what would you do? If their smile and voice made you happy, what would you give? If the whole world was what you dreamt, what would it be? But that’s what most people don’t see. Is that the world is what it could be. But most people fail to envy, the thing that makes them blind to what they can’t see. Think about that, then get back to me.


Today, Jan 23 2017 @8:29pm

So, as spoken, when one man fall, must the world fall with him? The drowning man will only try to drag someone down with them.


Today, Jan 26 2017 @9:04pm

They say fight for what you want. But you can’t just only want what you’re fighting for. You have to need it, with every part of your entire heart.


Yesterday, Feb 1 2017 @6:00pm

The sun sets the same way every day, yet the view is different each time. Extraordinary.

happy v1

Chapter 1:  Man Said to Son.


            Perhaps one of the greatest stories I’ve ever heard, is the one about the farmer.  You don’t know it?  Well, it’s about a farmer, who one day opens his barn to feed his horse.  The horse dashes away so quickly, he couldn’t even touch it.  The neighbors see this happen and say, “Oh my goodness, your horse got away!  I’m sorry, what bad luck!”  The farmer replies very calmly with a “Maybe”.  Well, a few days later, the horse wanders back with two other wild horses.  The neighbors hear about this and come to the farmer saying, “oh my goodness!  You got two more horses, what good luck!”  The farmer replies very calmly and says, “Maybe.”  The next day, the farmer’s son tries to tame one of the wild horses, but quickly gets bucked off.  The farmers’ son breaks his leg in three places.  The neighbors hear about this, and run over saying, “oh my goodness!  Your sons’ leg is broken!  What bad luck.”  The farmer says back very calmly, “Maybe.”  The next day, the army comes drafting boys to war, they take a look at the boy and say, “We can’t take him, his leg is broken.”  The neighbors hear about this, and run over saying, “Wow, you’re son isn’t going to get drafted, all of ours did!  What good luck.”  The farmer very calmly reacts saying, “Maybe.”  How do we react when something “bad” happens?  How do we know if it’s good or bad?  Nobody ever looks at a bad situation, and just says, “Maybe.”  See the world we live in creates this bad thinking, I mean it creates depression.  No, the perfect world doesn’t exist.  Of course everyone in the world isn’t going to decide they want to change.  They never will because, “if the whole worlds not gonna change with me, I’m out.”  That’s not what I picture the perfect world as.  See people will always try to bring you down, and always try to make you worse than they are.  So if someone tells you something bad, something untrue, or unfitting, just simply reply very calmly, with a “maybe.”  Never get discouraged, because in the end, if there is a God, or if there’s not, will it matter?  See, if there is not a God, and you’re on your last breaths, are your last words going to be, “Man, I’m glad I listened to the people who criticized me, telling me I can’t do what makes me happy, man I’m glad my life was wasted.”  Now you’re dying, and weather you listened to people or not, it’s not going to matter.  The only people it will matter to are your closest friends and family.  You had all this time and you lived the same adventure everyone else did.  If there is a God, well I don’t think it’s going to matter if you listened or not, because now you have eternal life with people who love you, and not people who judge you.  So you lived this pointless life, of doing nothing because you were afraid, when in all reality, in the end it doesn’t matter.  So why are we all hiding?  Why are we all so afraid to be criticized?  Why can’t we just say “Maybe.”  See the world is always going to let you down.  It’s never going to change just for you.  So there is no point in trying to change it for you.  It’s up to you to change it for everyone else.

Thank you for visiting this page and getting a first look at my book :) I've said it before, and i'll say it again, you are who you want to be.  You are YOU. You are the thing that decides whether or not what people call you is what you make of yourself.

Stay happpyyyyy :)))))))


-Happy :), written by, Kyle Austin.

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